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Because you have helped us grow our business we wanted to put together this education page to help you with information that could help you grow your business. From time to time we will post some business building tips. If there is a topic that you would like featured let us know email us at

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7 Must Knows to Generating Referrals Without Asking.

Referrals are awesome but how do I get them more consistently?

In this specially produced webinar for our Platinum clients Stacy Brown Randall and Dave Negri go through Growth By Referrals which is the cornerstone for any Real estate business and the 7 things you must know about generating referrals without asking, So, sit down and take notes so you can implement what is being taught so you can add this to growing your real estate business.

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Top 5 Experiences for Realtors and Mortgage Brokers (and Home Stagers) Guide

Growth By Referrals

How to get 100% Open Rate on Your News Letter.

100 percent open rate jim palmer no branding

Dave Negri and Jim Palmer the newsletter Guru talk about newsletters, building long term relationships and long-term profits.

100% open rate for your newsletter. That’s a bold statement. Even for the Newsletter Guru Jim Palmer.

Filled with terrific tips on what to do and what you need to stay away from when you create your newsletter.

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Becoming a Super Hero Real Estate Agent and Secure More High-End Listings.

super hero real estate diane gardner
Meet Diane Gardner, In our interview we talk about a little known section in the tax code that was written for property owners who have properties for sale over $500K that will have  a taxable gain. She can save them a sizeable amount of taxes on that gain.

Armed with this information and adding Diane to your team you can

  • Add an important life changing tool to your professional listing package.
  • Add real value to the seller’s net proceeds (more money in their pockets)
  • Think about the added benefits of increased referrals
  • Make other listing agents seem like they are a commodity

Diane Gardner’s information:, (208) 687-0508, Tax Coach 4 You